26 Sep 2011

Drink-spiking - The rules of staying safe

Do you ever leave your friends to get home on their own?

Do you sometimes slip away home without letting your friends know?

Would you ever skip grabbing a cab just to save some cash?

Ladies and gents,

We hate to lecture you, but the truth is, It has to be done. You would think that now we are in the year 2011, we would be a little more savvy in regards to safety and caution when on a night out but sadly it seems we are not.
Drink-spiking offences are growning in numbers and theft and rape is happening in every city as a result of this. We want to give you some tips on how to enjoy a safe night out whilst 'Looking gorgeous and staying Safe'. (Our company's trademark)

1. Never allow yourself or a friend leave and get a cab alone

2. Never leave your drink unattended while you dance or talk to somebody. This is the key! Make sure to finish it beforehand or purchase another if it was left.

3. Always carry a drink-spiking detector strip in your wallet or purse incase suspicion arises.

4. Limit your usual alcohol consumption if you find it can be too much.

5. Stick to softer alcohol drinks instead of things like shots and potent spirits which can take great effect on the body very quickly. Keep an alert mind.

6. Do not accept drinks from a stranger unless you stand beside them when they purchase it.

7. Keep an eye on everyone in the group and make sure nobody is acting in a strange manner. If someone is acting out of character, talk to them or take immediate action.

8. If your drink tastes or looks a bit funny, immediately test it. Most narcotics are odourless and tastless though so watch out for any powdery substance.

9. Always be aware of the people around you. Be alert to any lingering characters or people with over-eager behaviour.

10.Always make sure your cab has a hackney sign before getting in. More and more people are faking taxi licenses.

2 Love my Lips have launched the 'Stay Safe Campaign' which was set up to combat drink spiking. The damaging effects on women and even men, really frightened us and so we have taken action. We produce a cardboard strip which contains 2 square patches which tests for the main date rape tablets/substances.

They come free with our premium lip gloss which come in 5 shades.
Our concept is to give women and men the power to stay safe and in control.

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